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The new Spanish waste law makes the collection and treatment of organic waste one of the main duties in all Spanish municipalities.
ACCIONA will explain the value and importance of organic waste collection, how to help local councils to plan duly dimensioned services and, especially in these times of emergency, to promote the value of organic waste for its energy potential, showing experiences and new projects, and soil improvement, via compost.

They bring years of experience in working with town and city councils to help meet the challenges of Spanish waste law and European directives.

Josep Maria Tost

Acciona Project Consultant

Ajuntament de Girona

At the beginning of 2019, Girona City Council started a pilot test for waste collection using smart containers (closed and grouped) in Plaça de Catalunya, with the aim of analyzing whether it was a good system to increase the rate of selective collection and reduce the percentage of improper waste of each of the fractions.

A year and a half after the start of the pilot test, and in order to have more data to validate the correct operation of the new collection model, the pilot test was extended to a larger area of the municipality. The extension of the pilot test was carried out in a total of 26 container areas located in the Eixample neighborhood.

Irma Geli Bosch

Technician of the Environment subarea


Aporta is a cooperative that offers solutions based on technology and knowledge to achieve efficient management of urban services.

Aporta's activity focuses especially on the management and control of the execution of waste collection and cleaning services by the concessionaires, the quality control of these same services, and the promotion of citizen co-responsibility in terms of waste prevention and separation.

Through structured planning based on the needs of each municipality and exhaustive real-time data collection, Aporta's solutions make it possible not only to increase the percentage and quality of selective collection thanks to the involvement of citizens, but also to guarantee quality urban services and establish a billable amount for the services and, therefore, that the municipalities pay only for what has been carried out.

Montse Masanas
Jordi Llop

Head of Innovation
Head of Technical Department

Agència de Residus de Catalunya

Alfred Vara

Head of the Prevention and Resource Efficiency Department

Associació Porta a Porta

A non-profit association whose main objectives are to promote, disseminate, inform and optimise door-to-door selective collection, to enable the exchange of experiences and to provide a service to its associate members.

Montse Cruz Bautista

Technical commissioner


In view of the European strategic objectives, Citisend proposes different strategies to increase recycling rates, all of them related to the collaboration of citizens, the application of technology to identify the waste produced, and the collection of organic waste, among others.

By applying ICTs to waste collection, taxation policies, and tools for adequate citizen communication, recycling rates that far exceed the objectives are possible.

Juan Carlos Cortés

Commercial Director at Citisend URD


Within the context of circular economy, CLD proposes that plastic waste be recycled or reused as raw material for its original application. In order to facilitate this use and obtain a high quality plastic (optimizing the recycling lines), CLD seeks to develop an environmentally sustainable deodorization technology, with low energy consumption and without the use of additives and/or chemical products. Currently, tests have been carried out at laboratory scale and the pilot plant to be located at the Torredembarra waste transfer center is in the process of being built.

Zulema Borjas

R&D Project Manager


Distromel designs, develops, manufactures and installs control systems, facilitating the management of services for public entities and management companies. Distromel is always at the disposal of these actors, developing solutions to meet the objectives set at European level. It has a complete system for the control of waste collection, encompassing all the components involved and positioning itself as a global solution to control the service digitally from its web platform, siGEUS.

César Isábal Rami

Sales & Marketing Manager


Dorlet offers access control, monitoring, and data analysis solutions in the field of urban waste management for municipalities, associations of municipalities, and service companies to help determine in which areas awareness campaigns should be carried out, in order to comply with current regulations and efficiently manage the costs of waste processing and collecting of separate waste.

In the conference, they will explain how DORLET Waste can help in achieving the objectives of the Circular Economy to municipalities or associations of municipalities.

Eugenio Morillo

Business Director


For the first time in the recycling sector, the yellow garbage cans on the street become intelligent and, thanks to a ring equipped with cutting-edge technology, can identify not only the containers, but also the users, the frequency and the places where they recycle.
This is an evolution of the selective collection system in our country through the use of technologies such as internet of things (iot), artificial intelligence, image recognition, tokenization or blockchain, 100% Spanish.
These smart containers are integrated into RECICLOS, the Return and Reward System (RDS) for cans and plastic beverage bottles that has been operating since 2019 in Spain and to which 3.6 million people already have access.

Ecoembes will explain how they are working in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a pioneering city in incentivized recycling.

Luciano Palombarani

Technology Manager at Ecoembes

FCC Medio Ambiente

Joan Pujadó will explain the process carried out by FCC Medio Ambiente in 22 municipalities in the Anoia, where it has gone from a conventional collection service with containers to a door-to-door collection service and closed areas.

They want to make visible that it is possible to achieve a successful adaptation to a new waste collection system of regional scope coexisting door-to-door service in urban centers and closed areas in scattered nuclei.

Joan Pujadó

FCC Medi Ambient Production Manager

GBI Serveis

GBI Serveis will present two case studies of door-to-door organic collection: Llinars del Vallès and Calonge and Sant Antoni.

The door-to-door collection of organic waste in these two municipalities is a clear example of how the collection rates of this fraction increase considerably with this type of collection.
GBI will explain the differences between the door-to-door collection of this fraction in a tourist municipality such as Calonge and Sant Antoni, and the collection in a less seasonal municipality such as Llinars del Vallès.

Gerard Clopés Roquet



Kompini Tecnologies presents Komtainer, a tool that makes it easier for managers and public administrations to manage waste collection by integrating different collection methods (door-to-door, clean points, emergency areas, on-demand collection, etc.) and putting citizens at the centre of the process through an app. With its integrated system, municipalities improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Jordi Segura

CMO at Kompini Tech

Maya GreenSolutions

Maya introduces the APR System, composters designed to handle organic waste.

Maya believes in integrated organic waste management, which consists of combining the concept of circular economy with existing organic waste treatment practices. The main potential of organic waste is its ability to be converted into new, fully sustainable products without harming the environment. Composting links efficient waste management practices and sustainable land use by recirculating nutrients and organic matter back into the soil.

Susana Navarro

Environment Department Sales Manager


MOBA specialises in the design, development, and manufacture of information technologies adapted to the management of urban services: waste collection, clean points, and street cleaning.

They have 30 years of experience offering efficient, robust, and innovative technologies that provide public administrations and companies with tools to move towards the circular economy: implementing PaP systems, smart containers and PxG; optimising the MSW service, reducing management costs and polluting emissions; improving the quality of the service thanks to real-time data, and increasing citizen satisfaction, through transparency and communication with the bitPAYT Web-APP.

Alex Viruela

Sales and Marketing Director

Nexus Geographics

Calonge Town Council and Nexus Geographics have launched a Smart Cities Platform that manages a large volume of BigData in real time from sensors to improve town management.

In the talk, they present how they are working to improve the management of the solid waste collection and street cleaning service, and how this is being done jointly with the company in charge of providing the service.
Nexus Geographics is the maker of Recitty, the Smart Cities platform for all types of cities.

Jordi Soler
Ivan Valencia


Novamont Iberia presents its biodegradable and compostable biopolymers, Mater-Bi, designed to solve specific environmental problems in applications where their end-of-life provides value and helps to move towards a circular bioeconomy model.

Rosa Puig Moré

Marketing Director Novamont Iberia


Improving and maintaining separate collection rates starts at the grassroots, with the collection company's staff. Prezero believes that in order to develop a good project, the staff must believe in and know their ultimate goals. For this reason, resources are allocated to involve and train them in the company?s project, in addition to implementing quality indicators and control systems to guarantee continuous improvement.

Montse Bosch Coma

Manager of North Catalonia

Ros Roca

Ros Roca will present the novelties of the ICON side-loading container prepared to install technology out of contact with the waste and in a protected area.

Daniel de la Fuente

Containers Business Unit Manager


Seigarbost manufactures and manages systems for monitoring the use of waste containers with the Moonshot platform, which collects and manages data on the use of containers, their status and incidents, and through which they maintain two-way communication with the locks, allowing them to be managed remotely.
They also have an interactive geolocation map of the locks (and containers) on which the location and status can be viewed. The locks can be operated by both user cards and mobile phones. They use sunlight as an energy source to power the integrated batteries, which have a life of more than six years, via solar panels.

Luis Zufiria



The model of waste management with social value promoted by the Fundació Solidança provides an environmental and social benefit and promotes the correct management of waste and its PxR (preparation for reuse), at the same time as it encourages the creation of jobs for social and occupational integration for people in situations of social vulnerability.

The Solidança Foundation operates in the province of Girona through the company ADAD L'Encant, which has been providing a textile waste management service for twenty years through the Ropa Amiga programme, and since 2021 has also been managing bulky waste door-to-door in several municipalities in the Gironès county.

Nati Yesares

Head of Solidança's Environment Area