A capital of reference in social and environmental policies that since 2015 has been developing its own strategy with community contribution to achieve the objective of selective collection of the organic fraction in the coming years.

Line Brogaard

Technical and Environmental Department of the City of Copenhagen

Bergamo / Brescia / Milan


A population of 1.5 million inhabitants with 2 different collection models, comprehensive door-to-door collection, and collection of organic and residual waste with access-control containers, which will allow us to compare results, strengths, and weaknesses.

Engineer responsible for monitoring and analysing the execution and management of contracts for the Aprica/A2A/AMSA group
International and commercial relations for the Aprica/A2A/AMSA group



A Mediterranean tourist capital with a door-to-door collection model with results of more than 70% of selective collection that has allowed the implementation of a payment for household and commercial generation from 2021.

Alessandro Guarracino
Andrea Cossu

Councillor for Technological Innovation, Environment and Maritime Policies of the Municipality of Cagliari
Technical coordinator of the waste collection service

Holland - Enschede


A country traditionally leader in separate dry collection is recently facing the introduction of the organic fraction through 25 government-monitored pilots incorporating human behavioural analysis.

Bas Assink
Luuk Bos

Environmental Policy
Strategy Director at Twente Milieu & Human Behavioural Scientist specialising in waste separation at The Behavior Change Group / D&B



A region with more than 6.5 million inhabitants, which has traditionally been at the forefront in terms of selective collection results, presents new strategies for the implementation of the organic fraction by combining different collection models.

Nico Vanaken
Sara Coessens

Coordinator of the organic waste area of the Waste and Materials Management Department of OVAM
Waste Policy Manager of VVSG


United Kingdom

A region with a meteoric evolution in selective collection results that has reached 70% with a low-frequency door-to-door collection model.

Jonathan Roberts
Chris Howell

Waste and Innovation Technician at WLGA
Head of Waste Management, Parks and Cleansing at Swansea City Council


A large city committed to and a leader in environmental policies with recent experiences that have achieved organic collection results above the Directive's 2035 targets

Carlos Vázquez

Director of Cleaning and Waste Management Services, Barcelona City Council


The city of Lleida has implemented two pilot tests (door-to-door collection and FORM smart container collection) and has carried out a very detailed monitoring of the data obtained from the different experiences. They will present them at this year's forum.

Esther Fanlo

Responsible for Ecology and Sustainability / Department of Culture, City and Ecological Transition


First high-density capital city in the state with consolidated results of the collection model with access-control and identification containers.

Carmen Lainez

Director of the Waste Area of the Mancomunidad in the region of Pamplona


A joint service in 15 municipalities whose results exceed 80% of selective collection based on a model that adapts to each municipality and with a commercial collection on demand at a public price.

Josep Maria Medina

Environmental Technician of the Regional Council of El Gironès


A pioneering example of decentralisation of organic waste management in rural areas through community and individual composting.

Carlos Pérez Losada

Specialist advisor on organic waste for the Pontevedra Provincial Council's REVITALIZA Plan

Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

The AMB, with more than 3.2 million inhabitants, is implementing a strategy to support municipalities in introducing new collection models that will enable them to reach 60% separate collection by 2025. They will present the results of the introduction of containers with access control in Sant Just Desvern and El Papiol.

Victor Mitjans

Head of studies and programs AMB

European Commission DG ENV

Spain is one of the member countries that are below average in terms of recycling and preparation for reuse. This also applies to bio-waste. The European Commission's Directorate-General responsible for waste will present its vision in this regard.

Caterina Savelli

Unit for « From Waste to Resources» at DG Environment, European Commission

Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge

The new Waste Law introduces the obligation to collect biowaste separately from households and restaurants, as well as recommendations on collection models and tax incentives and penalties.

Margarita Ruiz

Deputy Director General of Circular Economy

Balearic Islands

It was the first government in the state with a municipality with a pay-as-you-generate scheme for citizens, and it is undoubtedly one of its assets to encourage separation at source to achieve good results.

Sebastià Samsó

Ministry of the Environment and Territory of the Government of the Balearic Islands

Agència de Residus de Catalunya

In his presentation, Isaac Peraire Soler, Head of the Agència de Residus de Catalunya, will present the current context of bio-waste in the framework of the new Catalan waste law.

Isaac Peraire Soler

Head of Agència de Residus de Catalunya

Valencian Community

With determined steps to be ahead with organic waste collection by providing economic incentives for its implementation and designing specific strategies for the municipalities.

Joan Piquer

General Director of Environmental Quality and Education

Community of Madrid


With a lot of ground ahead to improve the results but with a determined implementation in a large part of its population in terms of separate collection of organic waste. They will show us the tools they have designed to achieve it.

Cristina Aparicio

Directora General de Economía Circular

Junta de Andalucía

María López Sanchís

General Director of Environmental Quality and Climate Change

Gobierno de Aragón

Guadalupe Zárate

Head of the Environmental Planning Service